team building

On August 22, 2018, under the organization of human resources administration center, some employees of TRUE POWER drove for one hour to Jinsha bay hotel development base, and started the one-day development training. Everyone cheered and laughed and the atmosphere was high. The purpose of this expansion training is to let everyone relieve the pressure of daily work, boost morale, and enhance the sense of belonging of employees to the group; help new employees to integrate into the team faster, increase the opportunities of communication between departments, and improve the overall cohesion of the group; enhance the spirit of the employees to dare to fight, not afraid of difficulties, and go forward bravely, and strengthen the sense of team cooperation through the color bullet fight activities.

At 10:00 a.m., the expansion training is just the beginning. Although the sun is burning, everyone’s enthusiasm is not diminished. The training instructor is devoted to the guidance, and the colleagues actively cooperate, do not fear difficulties, and work together to complete all projects with collective wisdom in the successive challenge projects. In the end, our wolf team won the team’s victory. After “learning team building together”, “little bee”, “wind fire wheel”, “paintball vs. war” and other projects, I have learned deeply, “the power of the team is infinite!”, “believe in yourself, believe in the team”, through the efforts of the team, we can better complete various tasks! “,” strengthen the communication between people! ” These are the real speeches of the students after the training. Yes, as long as we work together, our team will be more and more powerful, overcome one difficulty after another, and create good results.

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Post time: Jul-09-2020